Traditional Weddings Not Your Thing? Try One of These Ideas

traditional weddings

Your wedding can be the ultimate expression of your style and personality. While many people choose to go the traditional route for their special day, you should not feel limited to having to go with that approach. There is an endless number of ways that you can move beyond a traditional wedding to make your day stand out. Here are a few ideas to consider if traditional weddings are not your thing.

Make It a Real Destination

If you want to make your wedding truly special for your guests, consider making it a destination event. Choose a destination that people will want to visit, and build your wedding around this theme. Regardless of whether you choose a tropical beach wedding or a cozy wedding in the mountains at a ski lodge, a destination wedding will deliver an amazing time for you and all of your guests while breaking out of the traditional model.

Game Theme

Add a layer of fun to your wedding with a game theme. This casual wedding idea will encourage guest interaction and ensure that everyone has the chance to mingle. A fun idea is a casino theme. Event planners can even set up casino equipment, taking the hassle off of your hands. You can also offer prizes to make the event more exciting. If your wedding is outdoors, you may consider setting up lawn games and activities as a form of entertainment.

Make It Personal

You can make your wedding one of a kind by making it more personal. Setting up DIY craft stations for your guests is a great way to provide entertainment as well as give everyone a meaningful souvenir from your special day. Writing your own vows will add a personal touch to your ceremony and give your guests a glimpse into the love that you share with your new spouse. You can also choose music for your ceremony and reception that showcases your unique personality and relationship.

Find a Unique Venue

One easy way to break the mold of a traditional wedding is to hold your ceremony and reception in a unique venue. Thinking outside of the box and going beyond the confines of a traditional church or reception hall can work to make your wedding an affair that sets it apart. Venue ideas to consider include parks, campsites, a planetarium, and a historic theater.

Combine the Ceremony and Reception

Rather than having a separate ceremony and reception, you can eschew the traditional format by combining the two. Not only does this eliminate many transportation hassles for your wedding party and guests, but it is also likely to save you money. You can elevate the experience by serving your guests a specialty cocktail as they arrive for the ceremony.

Make It a Surprise

One of the latest trends in non-traditional weddings is the surprise ceremony. In this situation, your guests believe they are going to a party or some other type of special event, and then you surprise them with a wedding ceremony. This type of wedding eliminates unrealistic expectations and reduces the stress leading up to the big day. You will also likely save money because you do not need to purchase wedding invitations or invest in other costs that are associated with a classic wedding. A surprise wedding is an especially good idea if this is not your first marriage.

You do not have to limit yourself when planning your wedding. Remember that this is your special day and you are in control of how it looks.

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